About Us
The National Boating Association was formed by boaters, for boaters.
It's primary mission is to advance truth and honesty in the boating industry.
In addition, The National Boating Industry serves as a boating "portal" between
the consumer, the boating industry, government institutions, employers and employees.
Our non-biased membership base and research system(s) makes our National Boating Association Seal of Approval a highly valued and sought after Certification.
Consumers can buy with confidence by looking for the Associations Seal of Approval.
Even Marine Mechanics with exemplary skills and reputations can earn the Seal as so
potential customers can know they are hiring a qualified technician.

The National Boating Association considers everything from new products to marine publications, boats, gear and marine related websites for its Seal of Approval.

Our member rating system is very useful for researching an item or service before its use or purchase.

The National Boating Association is also a strong advocate for Boater Education and serves as a clearing house for approved boating courses and industry training centers.

Boating is sharing and boaters have a strong history for sharing as far
back in history as one can find.
The National Boating Association has been fostering this idea since its inception
in an effort to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all who participate.
It's members accumulated experience and knowledgebase adds to the Associations history
on a daily basis making it a valuable tool to both the novice and expert boater.

Future Goals
To keep the boating industry and sport as honest, safe, productable and enjoyable as possible.

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